7 Types Of Men That Any Woman Can Resist

7 Types Of Men That Any Woman Can Resist

There are some personality traits that help men fight over women, and that’s the reason why some guys always get the best of girls. They might not be the most beautiful or rich, but they have these qualities that are simply irresistible.

Here are 7 types of man that women are usually drown to, and explanations that can help you understand why these guys are so appealing. Women can think which type they prefer, and men can check who they are and what they can add to be perfect in that type.

1. Confident man

He is always totally sure of himself and confident. He gives off an aura of control and power, and he’s never jealous of other men. He just knows he is the best so nobody can threaten him in any way. His girl-friend can have male friends and enjoy coffee with her co-workers without fearing a scene.

Why women can’t resist
Confident man doesn’t expect approval from anybody, and it makes him even more appealing. Women can be easily attracted to the confident men. They think they are great, and so do people around them!

2. Intelligent man

It’s never boring to talk with him no matter what you discuss. He starts intellectually stimulating conversations and listens to what she has to say. He knows how to make a woman laugh and appreciate his clever sense of humor, and he knows how to make politics interesting.

Why women can’t resist
For most women intellectual connection is a huge part of a relationship, so man shouldn’t hold back in this case.

3. Considerate man

He is always polite, he pulls out her chair and opens the door for her. He offers her dessert, and makes sure to cover the bill. He is sensitive and asks about her feelings. And he never makes her stay longer than she wants.

Why women can’t resist
Almost every woman goes through the period of a bad guy who is rude and never calls back. It usually changes the perspective and priorities. After that, most women realize they need somebody who will treat them well in the long run. Don’t fake it though, it will be noticed right away.

4. Romantic man

He is the one who believes in classic romance. He often writes her messages to let her know he thinks about her, tells her what he feels, brings her flowers and organizes dinners with candles. With such man woman feels like she’s a princess.

Why women can’t resist
Actually, it’s too hard to resist when somebody makes you feel like you are a princess. She feels appreciated and can act on her own romantic tendencies without being afraid of misunderstandings.

5. Artistic man

He lives for the moment and often acts spontaneously. He can write a song and sing it to her as a serenade, or he can draw a painting to show all the world he loves her.

Why women can’t resist

Being unique is always a great pleasure. Nothing shows it better than being somebody’s muse and inspiration source. His creative mind intrigues her and she gets more and more attached to his creative ideas.

6. Exotic man

He usually comes from an exotic country on the other part of the world. He has a sweet accent and different customs. He sees the world differently, and it is so attracting! Even when he does something wrong, it usually comes off as uniquely charming.

Why women can’t resist

Curious women are always excited when they meet somebody who can open the world for them. The date with someone from another culture is always fascinating.

7. Free spirit man (can also be called “bad boy”)

He is always wherever he wants to be at the moment without really caring about consequences. He might do crazy things, like riding a motorcycle super-fast, or skip work and take her somewhere to have a great time together. But again, consequences are not so important for him.

Why women can’t resist
At some point every woman fell in love with such rebel. His carefree attitude drives her crazy, and she just wants to have that life with hilarious emotions on a daily basis. Somewhere deep in her heart she also wants to tame her bad boy, but it rarely work out.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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