TAROT: The rider waite tarot will reveal a future where you have to correct some error

TAROT: The rider waite tarot will reveal a future where you have to correct some error


The rider waite tarot says that an idea will arise in your mind, that if you develop that idea; it would bring a success you were looking for. Now more than ever, it is time to begin to elaborate, to make those plans that you had in your head but did not do. Sometimes you have to work twice as hard to make your dreams come true.

You could make a plan that it will make you very happy, but for this you will have to save money or time; and sacrifice another activity that you like. Do not worry, it will be worth the sacrifice, since as a result of doing this activity new possibilities will arise to improve your life.

If you expect any medical analysis or consultation, the results will be better than you expected. You will realize that you are stronger than you think.

The rider waite tarot is one of the most accurate


A person is attracted to you, but you think that you do not attract him / her. If you approach this person you will see that it will correspond to you; and there may be chemistry among you. You must leave insecurities behind.

You have to let the rebellious spirit out. You have spent a lot of time enduring repressive attitudes toward you, doing things that you do not want, etc. It’s time you let your rebellion out. Think more about yourself, do not let others decide for you.



Something is about to happen that will open your eyes on a subject. As a result of that event, without being negative, it will not be positive either; After that you will not fall into the same mistake again and everything will be better. You can breathe easy because an obligation that you did not like will disappear.

Soon, you will know the answer to an unknown you have about something or about someone in your life. This will make you understand better

You should not unvoice when you need to talk. The tarot card tells you that you have to vent and say everything that you keep inside of you, that no one keeps you unvoice because a problem you have will not be solved until you speak and vent.

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