TEST: Choose One Diamond and Discover the Strongest Features of Your Personality

TEST: Choose One Diamond and Discover the Strongest Features of Your Personality

What is dominant in your personality? How do you manage to deal with everyday problems, both on a private plan and in a professional one? What is pushing you through life and from what are you constantly drawing immense energy? Choose a diamond and discover your strongest features!

1. Red Diamond – Hardworking and efficiency

You are one of the richest people that exists, so this helps you easily overcome all obstacles on the road. Because you have a steadfast and unbreakable resolve, you are the only person who has in mind even the smallest trifles leading to success. The high efficiency enables you to achieve all the goals in his career, but be careful not to blur your mind and you separate the private life and of love.

2. Yellow diamond – Generosity and intellect

You are a generous person who always tries to help others. The rich intellect you own helps you quickly get to the solution of any problem with very little thinking and perseverance. But because of your strong intellect, you can sometimes predict what is coming in the near future, and because of this, you take all the steps too carefully, without any risk. Do not forget that sometimes the risk can lead to the greatest reward in your life.

3. White diamond – Responsibility and calm

If you choose this diamond, then you are responsible person witch usually ends up duties with humor, this feature helps you easily deal with all the challenges that you face. But since calm is at the same time a strong and weak side, you often have a tendency to reconcile with the situation instead of fighting for justice.

4. Tirkiz diamond – Sensitivity and creativity

You are a person who shines even in the warm, because creativity comes out of every part of the body. It helps you to overcome all the difficulties in an easy way, quickly moving through the path with holes, while sensitivity allows you to gain greater insight into the emotions of others – making your relationships with your loved ones much easier to maintain. On the other hand, sensitivity is here to make you realize how important your creativity is, as well as to push you when you get stuck with a blockade.

5. Purple diamond – Cooperation and compassion

You are by nature very easy to cooperate, because you can agree with almost all kinds of people. You also have a patient character that helps you listen to people who seek advice or help from you. This ability helps you to turn into the person you need to be in order to complete the job that you need best. But keep in mind that sometimes these “transformations” can cause you to lose yourself in the long run, so try to keep the contact with the right version of you.

6. Blue diamond – Imagination and accuracy

You are a dynamic person, especially in your workplace. You are the kind of person who does not choose the easy way to succeed. On the contrary, you would rather go for the longer and the harder, or the one after which no one has gone before just to have the chance to build it yourself. These roads carry you to unheard-of, but beautiful locations that few have had the opportunity to see with their own eyes. However, be careful to not get lost on these roads by asking for help when you really need it.

Source: http://davoicee.com/index.php/2018/03/07/pick-a-diamond-find-out-the-strongest-features-of-your-personality/


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