TEST: Observe the Image and Discover What Is Hidden in Your Soul!

TEST: Observe the Image and Discover What Is Hidden in Your Soul!

We are all made of stellar dust. Our shadow is the zenith of our cosmic power and the true secret power. In psychology, the shadow is part of a person whom the conscious “I” does not accept, and maybe even be ashamed of it. Well, if you want to discover what is hidden in your shadow, as in your soul, just look at the picture and note what will first come to your eyes. Are you brave enough to pierce yourself deeper?

1. Bear

Your heart guide you through life. Ever since you were young, you felt the strength in your heart to which there is no end.
The bear is a sign of your full inner strength. Your shadow controls you and pushes you forward in life. When it is strengthened, you will feel the growth of energy that reminds you to act. It remains for you to determine whether this energy will be useful or harmful, but do not try to fight it.

You are a force to which the whole world counts. In order to control this energy, focus on meditation as this will teach you to land. You can do incredible things if you look from the right perspective to the world.

2. Mountain

You are guided by your thoughts. Constantly work on its development, which means you are focused, detailed, and smart.
The mountains are alchemy, and you are an alchemist. Do not be afraid of temptations so you can get to the top, but you know that it is a lonely place. That’s why you must learn how to open your heart.

You do not have to constantly work hard. Take a little time for yourself, as well as for your friends and family. Balance will keep you focused and concentrated. Sooner or later you will learn that your strength is not at the top of the mountain, but that you already carry it in your heart. Your soul is wonderful, let others see it!

3. Tree

You are guided by your spirit. You are very affiliated than you acknowledge.
Your shadow is similar to a forest where the trunks of all trees are connected through their roots. Trees talk to each other, so you also need to stop worrying about talking. Connect with other people at root.

We are all connected to our planet, so occasionally we need to get out in nature to restore balance. People like you are often violated, but can not let that stop you to live life fully. Be courageous and express your emotions. The more you hide from the world, the more it will overtake you.

4. Moon

You are guided by your dreams. You definitely are not from this world.
You have a magical aura where people can not resist. You know the paths of the universe and you look very differently on things and relationships with people. Feel like being led by an invisible force that brings you peace in your life.

Source: http://davoicee.com/index.php/2018/04/16/observe-the-picture-find-out-what-is-hidden-in-your-soul/


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