TEST: Pick Your Favorite Card and Learn How You Love!

TEST: Pick Your Favorite Card and Learn How You Love!

In love, each person is a world. Some loves are more romantic while others are more realistic, there are passionate loves and on the other side are the coldest.

But one thing is certain: everyone loves, one way or another. Look at the following cards and choose the one that best represents you.

Your answer will discover your loving personality.

1. Intense love

You love with intensity, you don’t love half-baked. When you fall in love with a person, you are able to give everything and you have no doubts.

More than once, your determination and the strength of your feelings have made you go through bad times. You always give everything you have to the person you love and this hasn’t always returned love to you in the same magnitude. That, more than once, has broken your heart.

But luckily, you never stop believing in love. When a new person appears in your life, and you feel that tingling in your stomach, you remember that love is worth it.

2. In love with love

You are one of those who are capable of love at first sight, and yearn to have a romance like that out of fairy tales .

Love for you is everything and is the measure of all things. Life without love, in your head, doesn’t make any sense.

You understand love as a pure feeling, in your relationships things go through feelings and never through the intellect. Sometimes, your relationships may not last long, because when you lose that “magic” you don’t find any sense in begining a relationship with another person.

However, when you find true love you give yourself to him/her without measures.

3. Solid love

You are the kind of person who understands that love is a construction. For you, a relationship must have solid foundations, which are created in pairs.

When you love, you strive to create a lasting bond with the other person. Sex and passion are fine and necessary, but for you that is only a part; You are unable to love if you don’t know the other in depth.

Therefore, when you finally stabilize a relationship, it is strong and lasting. You feel like you have reached that point is because you were convinced that, on both sides, things would work.

4. Passionate love

In your case, the most important thing is passion. For you, love has to do with how the other person wakes you up: it’s how it alters your senses.

You tend to have short, but intense relationships. In the time they last, you have no problem in giving the best of yourself, but when the passion is over, you don’t hesitate to end the relationship.

The lucky ones to whom you give love can stay in love with you for a very long time and they will try to get you back in all possible ways, but they will only succeed if they are able to rekindle the fire that they had made you feel while you were together.

The day you find the right person, for whom you never stop feeling a strong desire, that day will be the happiest day in your life and you will stop trying to end the relationship, but the opposite you will have a long and happy love life.

Source: spirtualposts.com

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