You See What Others Don’t See – 8 Signs You’re Highly Sensitive To Energies

You See What Others Don’t See – 8 Signs You’re Highly Sensitive To Energies

Part of the “awakening” is to learn to recognize what kind of personality traits you have. Knowing your emotional, physical, and psychological inclinations can help you better understand and prevent suffering in your life.

More and more people are beginning to realize that they belong to the category of people with empathy (compassion), highly sensitive to energies and emotions in the environment. An empathetic face is one that has the ability to understand the mental and emotional states of other people.

These people have high social intelligence and are very good at helping others solve their problems. Unfortunately, empathic people tend to put emotional burden on because they feel that others around them do not feel.

 Being able to recognize that you are sensitive to energies is important, because often in our life we ​​are inclined to think that what we feel comes from us. What if some of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are the result of people who are in the same room with us? Or with people who are close in life?

Here are 8 common features that empathic and energy-sensitive people have. How many of them can you identify?

1. Feel the emotions of other people even when they are not present

If you are an empathetic person, you can take the energy fields of others even when they are not around you. They can be on the other side of the city or even state, and you are still able to gather their emotions. For someone who is so sensitive to energy, it’s good to have a habit of asking, “Are these feelings mine?”

Many sufferings can be prevented if you learn to recognize that sometimes what you feel is the result of someone else’s energy field, not something that happens in your life.

2. You feel overwhelmed in a crowd of people

Large crowds simply represent an overdose of energy transfer, which is difficult to take. Too much stimulus and too much foreign energy can completely squeeze the energy of the empathic person. Prefer small groups of people or loneliness compared to large gatherings, because they are too exhausting and difficult to submit.

3. You are sensitive to light, sounds, smells and touches

Light is too light for you and you have a strong sense of taste, touch and smell. Being empathetic means that you have a relationship between mind and body that, by its very nature, makes you more sensitive to all the energy in general, even to electromagnetic energy and sensory data.

4. “Know” things for which you do not have any evidence

You can “know” things in yourself for which you have no logical proof. In other words, you have a very strong intuition and you can interpret things that give you insight into the knowledge that other people can not see. If you are energy sensitive, you may be able to look at someone, say that it is bad and that you should avoid it.

You may have told your friend that his partner is not trusted and that you only have a “feeling” about it, to find out later that he was truly unfaithful.

5. You are told that you are too sensitive

People around you tell you that you are too sensitive. Feel more, process more and experience feelings deeper than most people.

6. You know they lied to you, even when you can not prove it

You are able to read the body language very well and you can have a mental picture of the emotions and psychological conditions of others. When people lie to you, you notice a change in their energy field and in the tone of their voice. You know that they know how to lie and you have a good idea of ​​exactly what is happening in their energy field. The fact that you are empathetic gives you a very strong detector for waving.

7. It’s hard to see violence on television or in movies

From time to time, violence on television is overwhelming, because you are able to put yourself in a position of another person and feel how you would feel like something like that. Although it’s just acting, you are launched into a psychological and emotional space as it happens in real life.

8. Instinctively avoid energy vampires

Instinctively avoiding connections and encounters with people that you know will suck your energy. Because you have had experience with energy vampires in the past, you know how to identify them and your energy field develops a kind of protection and instinctively protects you from meeting with them.

It is possible that many of these features apply to you. It can be very difficult and exhausting to live like an empath. For most of us, it’s hard enough to try to manage our own feelings and emotions, let alone the people around us.

Living as an empath will not always be easy, but living as an empath with the mentality of a victim is a sure way to put the keys of your happiness into the hands of the world around you. You are far more than an energy sponge. You have the power, choice and will. Do not be afraid to take advantage of the power and take control of your energy field.


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